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Charlie Keith Malcolm, Jerry and Alan

A rocky rootsy band from Dorset playing a distinctive brand of original music

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'Utterly irresistible, infectious, exuberant music. Watch out for this band!'
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All Aboard! Click on the link below to see us performing the song 'Plenty More Fish in the Sea'  
(written by Glenn 'Skipper' Prigmore from our mini-album Livin' it Lovin it!)
on board one of the Tall Ships in Waterford , Ireland a couple of summers ago.

In this recent interview (click on link below) by RFB Music , Alan and Charlie talk about  the motivation and inspiration behind the band and their music ... and reveal their most embrassing moments on stage!

' They give the impression that on stage they could cast all restraints aside....State of Undress is a band I'd go out of my way to hear at a festival and there's a feeling that the slightest nudge would be enough to tip them over into major success.' R2 Rock n Reel

'There is something distinctive in the way State Of Undress use both their vocal and fiddle attack that ensures they are rich in texture as well as pace. ...a vocal performance that moves from full Morrigan mode on the darker songs to fey romancer ... ' FATEA

'The band seems to grow and their music seems to get stronger and bolder' Maverick

Take a look around, find out about us,
listen to clips from our albums and check out a gig near you!

Click below for link to live footage of SoU in Ireland:

State of Undress' shaky eggs are sponsored by Dorset Piddle Brewery:

In their interview above, Alan and Charlie mention two of the songs that are most personal to them: Mudeford Mood and Morning Glory. Here's some film footage of those songs. With thanks to our dear friend and collaborator, Eric Montague.

Mudeford Mood

Morning Glory

(A new band version of Morning Glory will be on our forthcoming album. See 'Stop Press' below.)

Most recent album Journeys of the Heart!

Available now from the CD page of our website (see above) and on general release through Amazon and iTunes!

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Stop Press! 

NEW ALBUM ON THE WAY! We have been hard at work with Russ Gannicott. We are really pleased and excited at the way the new CD is shaping up. We've been playing some of the new tracks at recent gigs and getting a great response. We hope you're going to love it!

Superb Summer Ahead!

Well, we are very happy with all that's going on for us in 2015. In addition to the new album, we have some great gigs, some fabulous festivals and some extraordinary events! Can't wait for Wessex Folk Festival; Martinsfest; The Old Gaffers Festival on the Isle of Wight; Party in the Paddock for Wimborne Folk Festival;  Black Rock Festival at Millendreath;  Jurassic Rocks at Portland; Sidmouth FolkWeek; Whitby Regatta; The Great Dorset Steam Fair and loads of others. Bring on those sunny days!

Our Songs in Arthouse Short Film!

We are really proud and delighted that two of our songs Invisible (from our album Journeys of the Heart) and a really early song of ours Trouble and Strife (from our Undressed album) are featured in an artie, quirky short film called Learning Circle written by and starring actor Paul A. J. Rudelhoff - a familiar face from lots of character roles on TV.  Learning Circle is currently being submitted to a number of Film Festivals. We'll let you know how it gets on!

Official Endorsement

As a result of our various musical performances at the wonderful Great Dorset Steam Fair and other similar events and our ability to match them pint-for-pint, we are proud to be officially approved by the Society of Drivers and Engine Men - S.O.D.E.M!  Thank you, guys! x


Twitting on and on ....!

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